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Friday 5/28 update

Here is what has been going on to date. (posted by Alexis)

Wednesday - Surgery lasted 10.5 hours. they got all of the tumor it was a bit
larger than they expected. It was just over 2 cm in March and it was now 3 cm so it has been growing. The docs are optimistic that he might be home by saturday.

Wednesday - Chris our 12 year old has a compression fracture in his right hand
from at a school field trip Wednesday. So Chris is now sporting a nice blue cast for
the next 3 weeks until we go back to the orthoped. maybe we should paint a nice gold M on it?

Thursday - spent alot of time resting. Trying to get out of bed and do the PT exercises. Robert is doing well. been up and about the room a bit today. We were transfered to a regular room at 2 am on Thursday night.

Friday - Robert is eating!!!! Ok so its broth and jello and crackers but its eating!!! He is cleared to eat regular food whenever he is ready. Getting up and about on his own. Still a bit dizzy and nauseaus but looking at thes…

Post surgery update

This is Robert's Wife Alexis posting an update. Robert came through the surgery great. It was an 11 hour surgery. They doctors came out and spoke with my mother in law, and I and said that they successfully finished. They were able to get all of the tumor. The balance nerve and the hearing nerve were both sacrificed but that was not expected.

He is now sleeping quietly. I am heading that way myself.

Sweet dreams and God Bless.


Final post before surgery

Ok, in 12 hours I will be on my way to the hospital.

We need to be there at 5:30am for a 7:30 surgery.

The surgery is supposed to take 10 to 12 hours, so it will be an all day event.

I am still not looking forward to going through this, but I do know that God is in control. He has already taken care of everything and now I just need to go through it.

I have the following prayer requests:

1. Please prayer for Dr.s Thompson, El-Kashlan, and Kileny. These are the three srugeons that will be operating on me. Please pray for God to gide them and their medical teams throughout the day and all those caring for me post op.

2. For all my family as they wait for news from the Drs. Alexis and my Mother will be at the hospital with me, and the kids will be at school and with my inlaws. I am sure their nerves will be shot.

3. For a speedy recovery. I would like to be at home resting as soon as Godly possible, and am looking forward to be up and moving around. Need God to carry me through this, as I …

Medical Appointments Day 2

Had my second and final pre-op appointments today.

Day started good, we arrived early and were taken in early to meet with the Neurosurgeon. Spent about 45 minutes with the Surgeon's Resident. Went over all of the basic information and did a preliminary screening. Dr. Thompson then came in after reviewing all of the data. He said the screening appears normal and understands why I would not have had many symptoms. Based on the size of the tumor and the extent of the hearing damage, he confirmed that the planned surgery is the best course of action. He did talk about radiation, but based on only 10-15 years worth of data he does not recomend it for someone my age. Surgery is still on for May 26th.

Next appointment was with the facial nerve Dr. who will also be in the operating room. He will be monitoring the facial nerve throughout the surgery. The test was kinda fun, in a sick way. Sensors were placed on my face and I was essentially tasered if you ask my wife. It was low grade but t…

Medical Update - 1 week to go.....

The last few days have been interesting. Started off the week feeling really down about the surgery. Hard to think about going through all of this when I feel fine. Besides the hearing loss and ringing, I have no other symptoms. Still wasn't concerend about the outcome, just worried about how long the recovery would take. While going through this I kept praying and reminding myself that Jesus Christ is in control. After all He has made my symptoms next to nothing, I can wait to see what He will do next.

On Tuesday I had my first set of appointments this week. I was scheduled for facial nerve testing, balance nerve testing, and physical therapy pre-work up. Got to UofM and both of the Drs for the facial nerve testing were called to the OR. Not a great start to the day, but we went with the flow. Thankfully we were able to reschedule the facial nerve testing to Thursday, a day I was already going to be at the hospital.

The balance nerve testing had me a little nervous. I have heard t…

Busy Week

I am about to begin the week before my surgery. This week I will be heading to Ann Arbor (about an hour away) on Tues and Thurs for medical tests. Yeah Fun! :P

Tuesday I have tests to check my facial nerve, vestibular (balance) nerve testing, and a meeting with a physical therapist. Thursday I get all the per-op work done which probably involves having a lot of blood drawn and who knows what else. In addition on Thursday I finally meet the Brain Surgeon. Dr. Thompson is thought of very highly, so it will be interesting to meet him.

I will also finish up training my team at work to cover for me while I am out and kick off a worship leader search for New Life Chapel. These things need to be completed, which adds a bit of extra activity this week. Although I am looking forward to next weekend, we have a Birthday Party for our youngest Thomas and a cook out at church on Sunday. Going to be busy, but will be fun.

My Mother's friend Beverly who had a surgery like mine is doing well, but …

Proud of MY Girls!

Click on link below and download the file to hear my two girls (Alexis and Becca) sing God Gave You to Me!

I really enjoyed hearing it and I love the song!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did (not possible since I am biased)!

Here is another one from a couple of weeks ago. It is Alexis' first solo.

Alexis Singing