Sermon Notes - John 15:1-8 - Littleby Baptist Church - September 10, 2023

1.      As Jesus wrapped up His time with the guys in the Upper Room, He taught about the coming helper. a.       The Holy Spirit is the one who is going to help the disciples understand all that Jesus has been telling them. b.      The Holy Spirit fills all who accept Jesus as Lord. c.       He speaks to us. d.      He guides us. e.       He convicts us of our sins. f.       He works in us. g.      Couple that with Keeping the Word of God. h.      Letting the Word speak to our hearts. i.        There is no telling what God can do in us and through us. 2.      The end of chapter 14 talks about them leaving the upper room, but chapters 15 through 17 do not give us a clear indication if they were spoken in the upper room or on the way to the Garden. 3.      John 15:1 a.       Hosea 10:1-4 b.      Israel was the vine, but the better things were for them the farther they turned from God. c.       Israel was to be a nation of priests who pointed people to God.

Sermon notes - John 14:15-31 - Littleby Baptist Church - September 3, 2023

  1.      As the night continues, Jesus is pouring into His disciples. a.       Believe in God, believe in Him, and don’t let this stuff trouble you. b.      He is going to prepare a place for them. c.       He mentioned that He will come back for them. d.      Eventually they will be reunited with Jesus. e.       He went on stating that He is the way, the truth, and the life! f.       That the path to eternity with the Father is through Him. g.      These are promises to them and promises to us. h.      Promises that if we believe in Jesus and accept the gift He is offering us… i.        We will spend forever with Him. 2.      John 14:15 a.       If we love Jesus, we are to keep His commands. b.      In John 13:15 He tells us to do as He has done. c.       In John 12:26 if we are to serve Him, we are to follow Him. d.      If we love Jesus, we will keep His commands. e.       Our Lord demonstrated this to us by His following the Father’s will. f.