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21 Month Post Op Update

Today, February 26, 2012, is 21 months to the day since my Acoustic Nueroma Brain Tumor removal surgery.

As I approach the 2 year mark, I ask myself am I glad I had the surgery? YOU BET!!! Would I do it again? Without a doubt!!!

While I am not 100% 21 months later, I am much better off than I would have been had I waited or not done anything at all. My tumor was growing rapidly and would have caused major problems in the following months or years had I waited. Today, I have a constant ringing in my left ear, I cannot hear anything out of that ear, I do get dizzy, I do get tired easily, reading tends to put me to sleep, I do have balance issues, and I do get headaches on that side of my head.

It could have been a LOT WORSE!

While the list of side effects may seem long, the list of things that I can do is much longer. I can work, I can rough house with my kids, I go to the shooting range, I can go fishing, I ride my bike, I am here to be a husband and father, and God is still using me…