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Defining Oneself

Today is just shy of 16 months from my Acoustic Neuroma brain tumor removal surgery. Through the work of God and the medical teams at University of Michigan Hospital (Go Blue!) I have been given a new life. For over 18 months, having a brain tumor has defined who I am and much of my life.

When a person goes through something life changing like this, it becomes a major part of who they are.

Before my surgery I was a man with a brain tumor. This tumor was going to change my life and their was a chance my life could end. My life was filled with so much uncertainty, I had a hard time making plans for the future. My prayers were filled with asking God to allow me to return to a normal life, a life filled with Him, my wife, kids, and the rest of my friends and family. I prayed that He was not done with me and would bless me with being able to serve Him for many years. Even with these prayers, I was a man with a brain tumor.

While in the hospital and the first couple of months home, I was …

Juggling Anyone?

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that things were getting a little crazy around here, and it has only gotten more interesting. Juggling is quickly becoming a way of life around here.

Work has been pretty crazy the last couple of weeks. Our plant has 6 major product lines and it seems we are having problems of one sort or another on 5 of them. Business has slowed on our main product line, casting suppliers throughout the country our running out of capacity and can't seem to deliver on time, and our new product lines are struggling to hit the projected growth rates. Any one of these issues would be just another day at the office, but all of them hitting at once can be mind numbing. My juggling skills have really been tested at work. I love the challenge and am looking forward to when we will get past these struggles and things settle down a bit, as well as my hours.

Things at Ninth Street have been going great! We have a great group of believers who are coming along side of us and…