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9 Months Post Op - Feeling Thankful!!!

It is so hard to believe that it has been 9 months since I was wheeled into that operating room. In some ways it feels like it has been years and in others I am amazed at the progress that has been made.

For no real reason at all, 9 months seems like a major milestone for me. I have spent an increasing amount of time Thanking Jesus for seeing me through this overwhelming challenge. I know if it was not for Him things could have turned out a lot worse.

Many people who have gone through Acoustic Neuroma surgery spend month if not years trying to live a normal life. Some face debilitating headaches for the rest of their lives, others deal with vertigo on a daily basis, and much much more. God has truly touched me. At 9 months I have next to no side effects. The numbness in my legs is getting better and it is very rare for me to get headaches any more. When I do get them they are very mild, I cannot remember the last time I took some ibuprofen to deal with a Acoustic Neuroma headache. I am…

Message - The Great Commission - Feb 20, 2011

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Text of the message....

Last week I really enjoyed Wes’ message and how he talked about us getting out of the boat. His encouragement to us to reach out to the community of Spencer is exactly what we need to do. Wes ended his message talking about how Jesus gave us specific direction of what we are supposed to do, the Great Commission.

Before we get into the Great Commission lets refresh our memory of where we are in the time of events. Jesus has already been crucified on the cross, buried, and has defeated death and risen. He appeared to Mary Magdalene and the other Mary and instructed them in Matthew 28:10
“Then Jesus said to them, "Do not be afraid; go and take word to My brethren to leave for Galilee, and there they will see Me.” NASB
Now as we get into the Great Commission we find Jesus speaking to his Disciples in Galilee.

Matthew 28:16…


It has been a while since I have blogged about anything but my recovery from having my Acoustic Neuroma tumor removed. Today is a day to ramble a bit about different things.

2010 was an interesting year. Was called to be a Pastor of a great church in Michigan, found out I had a brain tumor, had the tumor removed, had to step down as Pastor, relocated for work, and much more.

While 2010 was exciting I think 2011 will be more so.

My new job is challenging and is everything I hoped it would be. I have team members to develop, sales increases to keep up with, and some unique opportunities.

We have had some major housing issues. Our house in MI did not sell as planned so we had to walk away from a house here in Spencer. We are currently living in a house that is less than half of the size and not as nice as what we had in MI. We are very thankful for this little house. It has kept us warm and dry throughout the winter. Looking back to when we left MI, we are thankful that we were blessed to …